UViSAFE / That’s IT – Surface and Air Disinfectant from Virues, Bactaria (Covid-19)

The Antiviral and Antibacterial Surface Protection sealing wipe is a transparent, thin, bactericidal and viricidal protective layer against enveloped viruses and bacteria.

  • Particularly effective against corona, influenza and multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA) for up to 1 year.

  • Protects your customers, patients, crews and employees!

  • Seals surfaces and makes >99.98% of all enveloped viruses and bacteria harmless

  • Permanently reduces the risk of infection on surfaces

  • Easy to apply: Wipe the surface with the sealing wipe

  • Transparent, thin-layer, odorless, non-tangible lacquer

  • 20-30 Minute drying time and fully resilient after 18-24 hrs

  • Shelf life up to one year

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested with EXELLENT in Germany

  • Under ICMR guidance, test performed on That’s IT Wipes in a lab setting, strictly adhering to ICMR testing protocols at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Log reduction to the tune of 5 was observed translating to 100% reduction in viral load for both SARS-CoV-2,the virus causing COVID-19 and H1N1, the virus causing SWINE FLU.

  • Effectiveness tested and confirmed besides others by EUROVIR® Hygiene Laboratory,BAuA (EU-Biocide directive for Germany), MTC (Microbiological Testing Competence), registered also with the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health, Germany

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