Mist/Fog Fencing System

Sterilized Mist/Fog Fencing System & Protection Procedures

Product CODE: OC-HPS-WM001

The Equipment Introduction:

1. Before Entering any buildingļ¼ŒSet up HPS fog fencing at the entrance for car and people to be sterilized, to prevent carriers of covid-19 virus.

2. HPS fog wall system along main roads and walk though mist curtain installed at the building entry. Anti-virus, purify air, reduce temperature and dust, increase negative oxygen ion, beautiful fog scenery. (bottom-right)

Sterilized Mist Protection Procedures(OC-HPS-WM001)

Certification: Flow 8-10L/min Fencing Total Distance 50M


1) Stable operation and high reliability: the service life can be up to 15 years or longer;

2) The control method is quick and convenient: the system can be set regularly and quantitatively, which can realize network control such as mobile phone terminal, remote control, etc., and is easy to operate;

3) Reliable conveying method: stainless steel pipe conveying or special high-pressure hose conveying, pipes and nozzles are not afraid of pressure;

4) Flexible pipe layout: long-term fixed layout or temporary mobile layout.

Sterilized Mist Protection Procedures(OC-HPS-WM001)

2. Artificial rain and fog system Preventive & Control

Product Code: OC-HPS-WP001

Set up in your garden or building top by HPS fog system or fog cannon, to provide automatic or manual sterilization when necessary


1) The distribution of material and agent is uniform, the time of staying in space is long, the effect of sterilization and disinfection is good, and the material and agent are saved.

2) Large-scale local climate improvement, forming a negative electric climate environment of several thousand square meters;

3) Long range and efficient water saving;

4) Optimize the urban environment by removing dust, increasing air humidity, reducing ambient temperature

5) The system can be set regularly and quantitatively according to the needs, and can realize network control such as mobile terminal, remote control, etc., and is convenient to operate.

Mist/Fog Fencing System (OC-HPS-WP001)

Certification:Flow: 40L/min

Mist/Fog Fencing System (OC-HPS-WP001)