UViSafe UV-C: Fabric Disinfector

UViSafe UV-C: Fabric Disinfector
Professional Garment Disinfection “JUST RADIATE ”

UViSafe UV-C Garment disinfector can be used to disinfect all garments and clothes in retail outlets for safe virus free trial room experience.
It is a modular unit (5 dress/unit). Applicable to disinfect any fabric material within 1Minute of Exposure.
Bacterial and viral infections are spread directly through cough, sneeze and physical contact posing a real health threat.
UV-C Systems are powerful instruments to disinfect fabric quickly and non chemically.

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Benefits :

      • The beam of UV-C rays effectively deactivates viruses and bacteria in any dress within 1 minute.
      • The moist air, sweat and odour from the dress is pulled out by a powerful suction.
      • Dresses are perfumed to feel fresh when you wear it.
      • Environmental friendly – no chemical or ozone emissions hazardous to health.

Features :

      • Shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UVC).
      • High efficiency and instant disinfection provided by 6 chambered UV-C lamps.
      • High suction fan to remove moist air
      • Fragrance diffused over disinfected clothes


      • Radiation Sources 6 x 36W
      • Suction fan : 110 CFM
      • 1 Unit : 980mm X 570mm X 1737mm

Tests performed in a lab setting by Boston University using a Signify UV-C light source revealed that a dose of 5mJ/cm2 reduced 99% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, in just 6 seconds. Based on the data, it was determined that a dose of 22mJ/cm2 will result in a reduction of 99.9999% in 25 seconds. Research variables available upon request. Complies with IEC 62471 standard for photo biological safety.

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