Eye Protection

Totally Closed Eye Protection

Product CODE: OC-EP-YJX05


Anti dropletPrevent saliva splashing in the surrounding environment

Anti impact materialSpatter of small sharp objects such as iron scraps and crushed stones

Dust preventionSandstorm dust brought by indoor, outdoor or airflow

Ultraviolet-proofPrevent damage to eyes caused by sunlight and strong ultraviolet

Eye Protection(OC-EP-YJX01)

Certification: CE

Product Features
Ergonomic nose for comfort
High sealing, four air holes around the body
Tight head circumference

High quality lenses reduce the risk of eye exposure

Face Shield

Product Number: OC-FS-YJX06

Product Description:

Consisting of protective masks, foam strips and fixtures made of polymer materials. Mainly used to block liquids, droplets, blood spatter or splash.

  • 1. 0.2 mm film, safer without deformation
  • 2. more comfortable with a thick sweat-absorbing sponge inside the mask
  • 3. blocking droplets, liquids, anti-liquid spatter, virus entry
  • 4. double-sided lens anti-fog treatment, using high quality PET material, tasteless and environmentally friendly, more transparent
Eye Protection


Eye Protection


Eye Protection