Personal Protective Clothing

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

Product CODE: OC-PS-HKW06

Executive Standard: GB19082-2009

Function: Anti-Static, Obstruct Bacteria,Obstruct Blood


  • Non-woven technology, light weight and durability
  • The seam of the coverall is sealed to make the sealing degree better, improve the protect performance.
  • the sleeves/pants are closed to ensure the sealing of key parts, and it is more suitable for wear and improves comfort.

Effectively block light liquids and secretions.Suitable for general isolation and individual protection.


Provides the barrier and protection for the medical staff exposed to the patient’s blood,body fluids, secretion and other sources of infection. Emergency rescue, epidemic prevention station,etc.

Ensure that medical staff protected from infection.

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing(OC-PS-HKW06)

Certification: CE

Disposable Medical Protective Shoe Covers

Product CODE: OC-SC-HKW02

Executive Standard: YY/T 1633-2019

Function: Wrap personnel's shoes to prevent external contamination

Features: Good isolation performance, good waterproof effect, good wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, tear resistance, peel resistance and ventilation performance,The utility model can completely cover the socks, trouser legs and other parts of the medical wearer, and is easy to put on and off for replacement.

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing( OC-SC-HKW02)