Multi-feed Oxygen Ventilator


Sr. Description of Item Purpose and Specification
1. Purpose of Oxygen Generation Plant The equipment is meant for generation and use of medical oxygen.
2. General Modules of unit The package comprises of following:-
      Feed air compressor and air preparation.
      Sys advance PSA oxygen generator model OXYGEN 90 capable of oxygen flow rate 133 LPM having purity of 94 to 95% .
      Installation and commissioning.
3. Low Pressure Oil free air compressor and air dryer Rotary Screw Compressor Make: Gardener Denver Capacity free air at 7.5 bar 2.7 m3/min. Motor Power: 15 Kw Refrigerated Air Dryer (+3 Deg C) and Desiccant Dryer
4. Receiver of Air preparation pressure section, PSA tower, Surge vessel, Buffer vessel, Air Dryer, Storage tank of low pressure oxygen generator/ Oxygen receiver Material of construction Stain Less steel 300 series Relief Valve on all Air and Oxygen receiver Electrical operated with manual override drain valve Technology; PSA
5. Filters for oxygen and low pressure air
      Two Nos of air inlet filters 1 micron and 0.1 micron.
      One No outlet filter.
6. Output Pressure Upto 4 Bar
7. Pressure gauges in LP Make : General Instruments, Bourdon manometer
8. Physical Dimension The total equipment will be compact static unit
9. Feed Air Free Air from atmosphere
10. Power 415V, 3 phase , 50 Hz
11. Working Temperature & altitude 2 degree to 45 degree ā€˜Cā€™; > 800 meters
12. Process Technology Oxygen separation by PSA
13. Duty cycle 8-10 hours continue duty cycle
14. System control PLC / relay box with safety alarms, local controls
15. Audio Visual Alarms
      Air compressor trip
      Low feed air pressure & high air inlet pressure
      Low surge tank pressure
16. Change Over valve; Piston type 2/2 way NO/NC valve Air operated change over valve; MOC; SS
17. Dew Point Meter Online digital dew point meter with digital read out.
18. Thermal Mass Flow meter & Flow controller Thermal Mass Flow meter & Flow controller.
19. Continuous monitoring of oxygen Online medical air & oxygen analyzer and monitor.